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The Tragic Story of the Sad Demise of Un-unreconstructionism: A Cautionary Tale
by Wallace Runnymede

Thanks to Francis John Guillem Gene-Rowe for the nonsensical socially-constructed notion of un-unreconstructionism.

Once upon a time, in an academic campus far far away, there was a little critical ideology who really was not like all the rest.

The academic campus was a kingdom of fools, but there was but one magic little ideology, and he was cleverer than all the rest.

One day, however, some wicked warlocks and enchantresses cast an evil spell upon the ideology.

The little ideology became ill; or at least, such was the opinion of those traduced by mainstream bourgeois medical science.

One day he died.

And now the wondrous academic campus far, far away, no longer had any true critics.

But one day, a scroll appeared, suspended in the air, between heaven and earth.

The scroll warned the wondrous campus ideologies of their crime, in not accepting the little critical ideology who as I have said, was just like all the others, insofar as he really was not like all the rest.

The magic scroll said the following:

Because of you, the little ideology, the sole, single, authentically critical ideology who you arrogantly and ignorantly despised, is now dead. Do you even know his name? His name was un-unreconstructionism.

And what you foolish people did not understand, is that this little ideology was of noble stock.

Oh, yes! You know, the original true and authentic founding masters of un-unreconstructionism had their original, true and authentic message corrupted by vicious second-rate epigones who corrupted the original, pristine true message.

Thus it was, that against the true wisdom and virtuous intentions of the GENUINE non-no-true-un-unreconstructionists, that this originally innovative and truly critical ideology was corrupted and absorbed into the decadent, late-capitalist, neoliberal academy.

There will be no happy ending to this story. Shame upon you all!!! :(

No-one listened to the magic scroll.

What an utter pile of speculative, contrived, metaphysical bollocks!

They moaned.

And no one ever heard of the critical little ideology called un-unreconstruction, ever again.


Well, shit happens.

You know, not every fairy tale has a happy ending!


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