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The Story of How Tony-No-Nose Got His Name
by Richard Brockenflabel

Once upon a freaken time, we found out one of our guys was working with the Feds, cuz... we found a bug on him.

So a couple of dah boys take dis guy ya see...Tony-No-Hands into the desert outside of Vegas to be 'Iced'.

Strange freaken place to find ice, in the desert, ayzz?


So they take him out and figured they iced him good, right?

Well somehow, he survives.

He manages to make it thru the desert, with no food and no water thru desert heat, wild animals, insects...creatures and stuff all the way back.

He finally makes it into the club...completely exhausted, ok.

Because he just came from the desert, with insects and stuff... this beeee-utiful freaken little Butterfly that must've been on his back... flies around and lands on his big NOSE, right...

All's somebody remembered hearing was..."He's got a bug!!!!!!..."

Well the rest you can guess...

And thats the reason why they call him Tony-No-Nose.

So the moral to the story is...Don't Do Bugs!!!