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The Pinnacle Of Bad Days
by Dave Collins

To endorse and use a lot of the product you’re selling would normally be a good selling tactic. The exception might be in the case of a lady who returned steel safe to a Wal-Mart store to exchange it for a larger one. Naturally the store wanted the sale and checked for any damage prior to the exchange. Upon opening the safe’s door the unmistakable odor of pot drifted out.  This triggered an avalanche of huge legal problems. The police got involved. A search warrant for the home and vehicles netted a huge bundle of pot, other drugs, cash, and a handgun.  During the search the lady explained to the detectives that she had bought the handgun as a birthday gift for her husband who’s birthday was today. The husband happened to be out attending a “sales” meeting. She failed to realize that her husband’s prior felony conviction barred him from possessing a firearm. The husband? Well he pulled into the driveway a half hour later. His good mood evaporated after glancing at the horde of police cars and the drug-sniffing dog. The shock of the situation caused him to forget about the joint burning in the ashtray as well as a shoebox hidden in the trunk under the spare tire

Local law enforcement won the lottery on this bust by confiscating two really nice vehicles, (both less than a year old), a handgun, a spiritually uplifting pile of cash, and a home used for illegal activity.  The home sat on a tree-lined street in a nice part of the city too.  As if icing were on the cake in this bust, the criminals did what most do when faced with a long jail sentence, they talked very freely to the police about their supplier in exchange for a lighter penalty.

It would have been far easier to just go buy a larger safe and sell the other one at a garage sale, cheaper too in the long run too.