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Writers' Showcase

The Gourmand's Lament
by Caryl Avery

So much food,
So little time,
And I’m not getting younger.
So I chewed
Some food sublime
To satisfy my hunger:

sweet potato carrots vichy
crispy sweetbreads cervelles squishy     
eggs in aspic chocolate mousse
foie gras stuffing pfeffernusse         
osso buco bagels blini
turnips turkey tetrazzini
goulash goobers escargots
tzimmes hummus haricots                
moo goo gai pan jambalaya
ratatouille spam papaya                     
suckling pig with maple glaze
duckling cold with mayonnaise
rocky road rum chunky monkey
legs of toad some fast food junky     
salmon sardines snapper sole
swordfish as a capper (whole)
kugel kreplachs kasha knishes
sent by Sadie mit best vishes
fricadelles two fricassees
chanterelles three BLT’s                    
chicken livers—chopped—with matzo
lots ’o corn well-popped—or not so
pumpkin pecan pizza pie
ti martoonies extra dry                        
mascarpone mozzarella
baby oysters rockefella               
lean cuisine’s beef stroganoff             
stouffer’s noodles romanoff              
shabu shabu sukiyaki
served with good not schlocky sake               
quesadillas quiche lorraine                   
naan tortillas beef lo mein
scallopine milanese                            
pasta pesto genovese                        
chops chalupa brown bread borscht
schnapps my Uncle Ed endorscht                     
wienerschnitzel enchilada
empanada…yada yada                                       

So much food,
So little time,
The thought keeps on repeating.
Nights I’ve stewed
On food sublime:
Life needs a second seating.