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Writers' Showcase

by Doug Hawley

The traveler from abroad may want to know about the seasons in the US in order to find the best time to visit. To better serve our foreign friends, here are the seasons in US areas either by reputation or direct observation in some US places.

US Area


Chicago :  Road Destruction
San Francisco: Damp and Cold
Los Angeles: Earthquake
Denver: July
Atlanta*: Too hot
Too Cold
Too Wet
Florida: Hurricane
Too humid
Too wet
Portland**:  Too cold to open windows
Too hot to open windows
Noise from leaf blowers or chain saws prevent opening windows
The Great Plains: Tornado
Too Hot

*Also applies to any city in the Midwest, East and most of the South – Boston, New York, Mobile, Cleveland, Louisville, Indianapolis, and don’t forget the Motor City (Detroit).

**More than one season can apply at the same time and these conditions are probably more widespread than just Portland.

The author is a little old man and sasquatch whisperer.