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Writers' Showcase

Real Deal
by Deanna Morris

George was watering his lawn. The yard was a deep green, no weeds. The water fell from the hose in bulbous drops, then a fine spray as George adjusted the nozzle. He patiently walked the yard with the hose, preferring this method to a sprinkler. He was quite particular.

His neighbor Sam walked up to say hello. “Yard looks great, George. Is that sod or grass?” he asked.

“It is grass, the real thing,” George answered.

“I don’t know. It looks like sod to me. You can tell me.”

“There’s nothing to tell. This is grass,” George insisted.

“Are you sure? It looks so perfect,” Sam said.

“My lawn is real. It is grass. Grass, I tell you. Grass. Got it?”

“Really, your lawn looks better than anyone’s around here. What’s your secret?”

“There’s no secret, Sam. Look, it is grass. Now drop it.”

“Fine, you don’t have to get so upset,” Sam said.

“It is the real thing, I tell you,” George said.“

“O.K., O.K., George. Sorry. See you tonight at poker.”

George watched Sam walk down the street and out of sight. George bent over to roll up the hose and George’s toupee fell onto the dark, wet sod.