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Writers' Showcase

Rat World
by Doug Hawley

During the cold war, scientists in Bulgaria were trying to develop the perfect soldier. They did not know at that time that the perfect soldier would appear in 342 cheap science fiction movies.  They began by doing genetic experiments to increase the aggressiveness of rats. They began by dividing the rats into four groups in increasing order of aggression. They bred the rats in each of the four groups to observe how that changed their aggression. At that point, none of the groups were very aggressive, so they took the fourth group and divided it into normal aggression and the beyond normal meta aggression subsets.

When the group of the most aggressive group mated and gave birth, their pups grew up, broke out of their cage and killed all of the scientists. Most moralists blamed the tragedy on the scientists playing God, but any English Professor could see that the problem was mixing meta-fours.

The author – husband, bigfoot whisperer, hiker, hobby writer, snowshoer, multi-faceted volunteer, ex-actuary and mathematician.