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Writers' Showcase

by Doug Hawley

Without any preamble, Akame walked over to Tatsumi while he was practicing his sword craft and asked “Have you ever noticed that we live beside a glass wall?”

Tatsumi put down his sword and did a 180 turn and said “Not up until now, but since you mention it, I see it. Not only that, but some of them are looking at us.”

Akame observed “I noticed them about a month ago, and in that time I’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, they look a lot like us but there are differences.”

“I see some differences too. The first thing that is obvious to me is that all women don’t have beautiful figures. Some have chests that are much less than three times their waist size, and sometimes they are even fat.”

“I expected that you would notice that first. How about the guys? They don’t all look like prepubescent boys or old men. Further, the people on the other side aren’t continuously beating up humans and monsters three times their size. Some males and females have jobs like working in stores and don’t even know the first thing about martial arts.  I’ve seen a few fights, but they usually use what they call a gun, a small knife instead of a sword, or just beat someone with his or her fists. Weird. Look a little closer, what else do you see?”

“They have a strange way of moving. Instead moving normally in small increments, they move smoothly. How can they do that?”

“Beats me. It’s kind of a twisted reality. Here’s something that will really blow you away. What passes for males on their side of the glass are not lusted after by ten of their women. If their males are lusted after at all, usually it isn’t by more than one of their women, and sometimes their males and females become unclothed and rub their bodies together in a strange ritual I don’t understand.”

“Now I’m noticing some differences, Akame. On their side, when a couple is feeling romantic they get protrusions on their bodies, one for men and two for women unlike the normal bloody noses for men and blushing for women on our side of the glass.”

“They aren’t the only ones that are odd. Have you noticed that we look like Americans, but speak Japanese when the people on the other side of the glass look Japanese, but when the people look American, even though our lips look like we are speaking Japanese, English words come out? Plus in some cases our words show up below our feet.”

“Even though those on both sides of the glass have some oddities, I sure hope that the glass partition keeps us separate. I couldn’t face living with those weirdos.”

Short bio - Despite being a little old man, Mr. Hawley has been know to watch anime meant for prepubescent fan boys when not hiking, napping, selling books, or writing various forms of prose.  More info and pictures    @dougiamm