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Other things that are shaped like the plot-arc of Thoms Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow
by Luke Pohjala

The arrow in the Amazon logo that’s on the box that you ripped open in excitement of reading a book all your friends tell you have to read.

Your back as you lean forward in your seat, trying very intently to remember each new character introduced.

Your raised eyebrows after reading a passage involving coprophilia.

The path of the book thrown across the room after being frustrated with how many characters you have to remember.

The bags under your eyes after losing so much sleep because you’ve started to become a little paranoid in your own life.

The claws you imagine Pynchon has because only a monster could write a book like this.

The supporting cables of the suspension bridge that you want to jump off of to avoid being seen as the only one of your friends that didn’t get the book.

The big smile on your face as you hand the book to a friend telling them, “You’re going to love it. One of the best books I’ve ever read.”