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Officer Dumont: The Chase
by Gabby Duran

"Oy, stop right there, you hooligan!" Officer Rocco Dumont yelled at the top of his lungs. The hooligan in question, Dan Tony, turned and saw a fat middle aged cop flailing his arms around. So he laughed. And Dumont ran. Then Tony ran.

You see, Dumont runs like a tiger. Fierce and fast. With a sneer. A sneer so ugly, it brings criminals to heel. A sneer so ugly, his dog cowers in fear when it surfaces. Being a veteran of the Gang Wars downtown does that to a man. He hates criminals with a fiery passion, and he will hunt them down and bring them to justice for the rest of his natural life. Or retirement. Whichever comes first. But we digress. Let us return to the chase scene.

Tony ran for his life. He was not going to get caught by Officer Dumont. He could feel his sides hurting. His legs were on fire and about to give in. In front of him, a person jogged his way. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the runner by the shoulder and threw him at Dumont.

Dumont saw the incoming pedestrian, and as he got closer, he shoved the man aside. Boos greeted Dumont as he noticed the crowd around him. Without breaking stride, Dumont promptly flipped them the bird. Such was the price of justice.

Tony slowed his pace. Dumont was rather far behind. Just ahead, a man with the ugliest striped shirt looked at him incredulously. In his hand, he held a gun."Hey, Stripes." he panted. "Hand over the gun."

"But, Sir! This..."


Stripes handed him the gun, and Tony snatched it. Dumont was catching up. He raised the gun.

"Say, goodbye, Dumont!" he sneered and laughed. Not a manly laugh, mind you. Rather, it was like when a 9 year old boy laughs. High pitched and squeaky. He pulled the trigger.

Dumont fell down, clutching his shoulder in extreme pain. "You'll pay for that, fiend!". Tony only laughed, which as we've established before, sounds like a 9 year old.

"You moron!" Stripes shouted. "It's a blank, you imbecile! Run!"

Tony looked back and saw Dumont running at him. With the sneer. Tony ran, but it was too late. Dumont jumped and dropkicked Tony, who fell down to the dirt. Dumont quickly pulled out his handcuffs and slapped them onto Tony's criminal wrists. More policemen arrived, including The Chief.

"Great job, Dumont!" The Chief slapped him on the back. "Just one thing, though."

The Chief faced Dumont. "Next time, don't interrupt the track and field team!"