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North Gales Creek
by Doug Hawley

Gales Creek is in the eastern foothills of the Coast Range in western Oregon USA. By mountain standards, the Coast Range is very modest and have never been known to brag like the Rockies have as in “Rocky Mountain High” as performed by the late John Denver aka Deutschendorf.

An aside – a lesson from John Denver – don’t sing a song about a woman you are going to divorce (Annie).

The hike was led by a man, but we usually have women leaders in which case we are Ms. Led or Miss Led, depending on which camp you are in. 

As always, we got a hike description before the hike. It listed two creek crossings. We thought we’d have to cross them through the water, but each had a bridge. Cleary the description should have been abridged.

A woman asked about a tree that was broken off about five feet (1.5 meters) from its base. I said that I was stumped.

This was an easy hike for me because I am usually the designated whiner and complainer. For this hike I was usurped by a former lawyer. Maybe he was courting my approval.

The four of us in our car opted to skip the no-price extra three mile (five kilometers?) and several hundred feet (less than several hundred meters) add-on, so we didn’t get as high as they did.

Nobody died so it was a good hike.

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