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Non-14 Theses on Someone-Other-Than-Feuerbach (This, for one, is not a Marxist Joke!)
by Wallace Runnymede

1. The “theoretical attitude” is not the only important attitude. What about reflexivity?

2. The question of blogging accountability is not merely a practical question, but also a scholastic one; if not indeed an academic one.

3. The educator must not only be an educator to themselves, but at times, even a strict pedagogue.

Addendum: A strict pedagogue reminds themselves not to domineer over others. I am not to “educate” anyone else.

4. One cannot lift up the supposed solid Earth of “common sense” into the Heaven of “academic sense.” Nor can one bring down Heaven to Earth. Rather, the word is near, and in my very heart, did I but know it.

5. The line between “abstract thinking” and “contemplation,” insofar as it subsists or exists, is a difficult one to draw.

6. Excessive individuation of one’s self and of one’s work risks abstracting excessively from the context. But what is “excessive?”

7. Academic reflection and reflector alike are historically contingent (not to say “arbitrary.”)

8. There is no “practical (re/)solution” to the quandaries of academic reflection.

9. Appeals to the affective cannot bridge the gap between individual positionality and the broader context. Nor can any dry, “theoreticist” reflection. The gap is not one to be easily sutured; nor, indeed, with difficulty.

10. There is no pure “theoretical-civil” standpoint, nor is there a pristine and authentic “social-positional” standpoint. The knot is not there to be either untied or admired; but to be acknowledged in fear and trembling.

11. The point is not to change the world or to interpret it. One interprets, one takes the risk of letting a seed fall out of one’s pocket while one’s attention is directed elsewhere; and the increase may be of God or of the devil… insofar as the distinction is relevant.

12. Going one better is not always better, worse, or the same as going one short. Twelve is company…

13. But so is thirteen.

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