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Multipurpose Room
by Betty Mermelstein

It's not often that you know someone who has his or her art exhibited in a gallery. Let's face it: it kind of makes you feel that you're a celebrity yourself. You're a friend of the artist; therefore, your familiarity gives you celebrity status.

My husband and I stuck to this maxim as we entered the Bosworth Community Center. The main hallway showed itself to be a runway of mixed media: framed oils, acrylics, and layered paper hanging on either side. Our heads swung back and forth in a tennis match of artistic attraction. 

Lilly's pastel of liquor jugs was nowhere to be seen.

Not to worry, as a woman at the end of the hall beckoned us forward.

"Welcome!" she effused, "We hope you enjoy the exhibit!"

"We are," I assured her, "but I don't see my friend's painting. You see, I'm a good friend of one of the artists."

I waited for her gasp of being impressed. There was none.

"There are more showings in this multipurpose room," she motioned to our left.

We turned toward the area and saw a few dozen people seated at tables, hunkered over something in front of each person.


Raising my eyebrows, I looked at my husband.

"Bingo?" he asked the woman.

"Yes, every Tuesday, but you're welcome to go on in the room and enjoy the art."

With that she left us to decide our next move.

"It took us forty-five minutes to get here. I'm not missing Lilly's exhibit," I said emphatically, walking into the room.

We began gazing at the artwork adorning the walls, looking for our target one.


My startled husband knocked into me, moving my finger approaching a painting's label into the painting itself.

We looked around to see if anyone had noticed, but backs and shoulders remained hunched over the tables.


"I hope we find it soon," my husband commented.

Sure enough, within two paintings, there was Lilly's. Such realism! You could actually see the shine in the glaze of the liquor jugs.


We looked at each other. We nodded. Mission accomplished and time to go.