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How to Wind Up the Tech Team Maintaining Your Critical Theory Journal
by Wallace Runnymede

The home page is all nice and Gilles De Bourgeois-smooth, but the moment I click on the home page, the nomadic Guattari starts hitting the fan. 

I noticed this yesterday, and I wasn’t sure whether this was an objective epiphenomenon of the failure of the diffuse, decentred and purportedly self-regulating information network of late hyper-capitalism to fulfil the emancipatory promises of the Global Village; or whether, by contrast, my computer was a bit buggered. 

Albeit not in the Deleuzian sense, I hasten to add. 

Yet, the signification runs as follows (or does it follow?): ‘500 Internal Service Error,’ and I think (although I am far from a Master) that this does signify an unregulated and unanticipated dispersal of affect within the signifying chain. I would recommend imposition of a new system of regulation that is scarily reminiscent of the first, or even a return of the repressed Athenian logicality of the pristine, non-epigonised original insofar as there is(/not) a difference.

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