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Writers' Showcase

by Don Magin

The motivational speaker was several minutes into his lecture.  “…and this should be considered the least of the two evils”.

… this should be considered the lesser of the two evils.”

As if on cue, everyone in the audience turned toward the smug young man who dared to correct the speaker in such a rude way.

With only a momentary pause, the speaker continued.  A few sentences later, he said, “…so as to cause less changes in our daily routine.”

…so as to cause fewer changes in our daily routine.

Again the audience glowered at the smug young man.

This time the speaker was a little more perturbed, but he continued like the professional he was, for several more minutes.  “If every one of us follows these simple rules, it will mean a more productive life for you and I.”

…more productive life for you and me.

With a glare at the interrupter, the speaker concluded with  “So I’d like to say that I believe that such measures could actually change the world.  But then, maybe it’s just because”—at this point he paused slightly—“I be such a jerk!”

…I am such a jerk! 

“At last we finally agree”.  The speaker sat down to tumultuous applause.