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Writers' Showcase

Five Nitty-Gritty Ditties
by Karl MacDermott

A Poem With The Word Cancer In The Title

In avoiding people you know who have cancer
you acquire the nimble dexterity of a dancer
leaping as you cross the street
to escape that awkward meet
and charging on ahead like a Bengal lancer

The Things Strangers Tell You That You Don’t Really Want To Know

She approached me at the bus stop, whispered in my ear
I lost my mind at the end of last year
But now I’ve found some stability
Nervous breakdown?
Not all its cracked up to be

Musings on a Hollywood Star

If River Phoenix had lived
and he’d had kids
would they have called him
the old man River?

Those Spare Time Blues

I’ve taken up a hobby, because I’m depressed,
I now collect thimbles, I’m doing my best,
But something concerns me, here’s the gist,
Will I be known from now on as a miserablist digitablist?

More Musings on Another Hollywood Star

I had this dream, made my heart go boom
About an MGM dancing star in my living-room
Between the flowerpot and the ashtray it was quite a squeeze
On my mantelpiece was Cyd Charisse!