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Emotional Landing
by Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

The following is the transcript of my 2 hour phone conversation with a total stranger called Fikret Moral, a surveyor from Istanbul, who had the room opposite mine two years ago at my boutique hotel in Kaleici, Antalya.

First a call on Viber which I did not answer at 22.00 pm
Then I decided to answer his Whatsapp call an hour later.
'Curiosity got the cat' as the English expression goes.
This call took place on Whatsapp at 22.38 pm!!!
One hour later I locked my bedroom door!

F - Good nigth, did you sleep?
J - Good photo of you on Viber. Good night. Have a good journey back to Kadakoy. See you another time. Here or there. Bye Bye.
F - Thank you. Your photo also very nice. Just want to say good by. Tomorrow about 9., I live from hotel. Sleep after 2 hours if you want to talk.
J - Too tired. Sorry not in the mood for talking now at after 22.00! I am going to sleep now. I am tired. I think you have other thoughts on your mind!! I am not a tourist, by the way. I am a writer.
F - Sorry, what thougts? You are wrong thinking, but also I apologise about that think. Just saying good nigth. I am sorry. Respect to you, please don't think like this.
J - OK, it's just in British culture that if you want to talk at 23.00, it usually means something else! I am not experienced in Turkish culture meeting men. It's a learning curve. So I apologise too. This could be a comedy of errors.
F - Be well Jilliana. You are nice. I liked you actually.
J - Well why shouldn't you?  I am an interesting international woman! Remember your family name is Moral.
F - Yes. Also emotional and romantic. Respectful lady like you also.
J - That's what I thought! But you know the meaning of the word Moral, don't you?
F - Of course. As a result....
J - Yes, I am waiting for your words of wisdom.This is like a theatre script. Pity I am not a play write. What shall we call the play? Dialogue across the hall?
F - Rigth? Sorry ? Feel bad you? That so not good English!
J - What do you mean?
F - Not good translate, yes. Anyway mean, did you feel bad about me? You asked me what is the play name, isn't it?
J - Yes. Have you got a better title for this cyberspace dialogue?
F - Don't know, what is your idea?
J - I'm thinking. Is it a comedy?
F- OK. So, good nigth.
J - Right, a comedy of errors it is! But we need a good title. I can see you have a sense of humour. The space between the two bedrooms is a landing. It is not a hall, which is long and narrow.
F - Have some sence of humour.
J - I think we need to use the word landing, which has a double meaning! An emotional landing.
F - Which is second meaning of landing? OK emitional.
J - How about a Moral landing? I think that is it. Two Fikets in one day is enough for any woman to cope with. One with three carpet shops and five children in Belem and a Geomancer with X number of carpets and X number of children!! Should have written an emotional Georomancer, surveying his Moral landing!
F - What do you mean? May be my English is not enough?
J - A play on words.
F - Didn't get Georomancer.
J - Romance is a romancer (the Art of Romance) so I merged the two words together. The word is not in the dictionary. But artistically it is acceptable. A play on words. After all this is a play with two players across an emotional landing. So far the play began at 22.38 and it is now 23.39 so the play has been running one hour!
F - Thank you for this English lesson, first.
J - No charge. The tickets are free.
F - Thanks.
J - For what?
F - Free.
J - The best things in life should be free!
F - Freedom is the most important on the life.
J - I agree but let's not talk politics or religion.
F - OK.
J - Tamam.
F - anladum
J - Meaning?
F - Agreed!
J - Not come across that word. Now, what do you want to express?
F - What can I say?
J - You don't seem to be a man stuck for words. Are you into Personal Development? Psychology? Leadership? What are your hobbies? Interests?
F - Are we continue to play?
J - We have ten more minutes. Then it's midnight. Lights out then and the phone should be switched off. GO!
F - Yes, too late. Questioning what you are tried?
J - Don't understand your English. You are free not to answer my questions.
F - Sometimes not enough, may be my English, sorry.
J - What are your interests when you are not working? That's an easy question. You have three minutes left.
F - OK, my interests, taking photographs, travelling.
J - Abroad? I am a photographer too.
F - usually local.
F - What kind of photos?
F - I am not profecional, local. Travelling in Antonia. Also I am always travelling for job.
J - Neither am I but I am working on my site called 'Jilliana's travels'.
F - Understand. That's good.
J - I take faces and places.
F - Will follow. Take faces, animals, wiew, objects.
J - What objects?
F - In the city of town, some interesting things, on the street or shops, people. Trees sometimes.
Photo sent
Photo sent
F - OO good!
J  - Perhaps we can go on a photo shoot day time sometime here or there?
Photo sent
F - Why not? He is a perfect character.
Photo sent
Photo sent
J - Captions are the most important thing. I owned a photo library in London for 20 years.
F - Wow 20 years!
Photo sent
Photo sent
J - Miao. I love Kedi! This is my cat.
Photos sent x 7
F - He's lovely!
J - I like your observations.
F - Thank you for your comment.
J - Time is up!!! 13 minutes past midnight! Sevgiler, Jilliana. Lights out now and phone off! Over and out. Bye Bye.
Photo sent x 2
F - OK, bye bye, good nigth.
Photo sent
J - Miao.
Good night from my Kedi at home in Brighton UK.
F - So pretty.
J - Me of the cat?
F - Of course first you, then Kedi.
J - Bye Bye. Miao! Playtime over.
F - What about me you are thinking? Angry? Bad?
J - Of course not!
F - Felt like that one hour ago.
J - Like what? Angry?
F - Yes angry.
J - But why? It's theatre. Not reality.
F - Yes, was playing.
J - Playtime over. Real time started. What is real for you?
F - For me, actually all the life is theatre. People are actor. Somebody is screenwriter. Most of things lie.
J - We write our own scripts. I am a life writer. That is what I write - my life which was and yet to be! I am a writer/broadcaster/facilitator/storyteller and an interviewer. Do you write? Poems?
F - Read and write poems. But unfortunately can't write.
J - Everyone can write! Everyone has a unique story to tell. You just take a blank paper and pen. Thoughts will flow believe me. It's called Free Flow writing. Or, take a theme for example Happiness. Write about a time when you were happy. Feel the moment and write! There is nothing you can't do in life. Mind over matter! I even walked on hot coals!
F - Wrote some small poems.
J - You are 37 minutes over time and I am switching off my phone now. Please don't send any more messages of it will disturb me. Well good. Keep on with the poems. Write more. Write about your love for your kedi!
F - Will sleep now. Thanks for this good comment and idea. Good nigth. Don't want to keep you late.
J - Night not nigth.
F - Yes, night.
J - Study this dialogue when you get home. You can learn good English and improve your grammar. I was once an English teacher.
F - You are good teacher, really. Learned a lot of words tonight.
J - I am a Mentor and coach. No charge!
F - That's all for night. Miao.
J - Thanks. Miao!

I choose not to meet Fiket again. Obviously a married man. The next morning from the airport, he kept calling and back home in Istanbul.  I went to Istanbul for a month for a birthday dinner party 2 months later but never called him for the photo shoot. When he found out he was most upset! I don't 'do' married men!