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Writers' Showcase

by Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

I came across the voluptuous Elise selling erotica and Betty Page memorabilia on Portobello road in the street on her weekly Saturday morning outdoor stand. This was the 80s when I too was buying, but not selling, sepia ‘Ladies of the night’ Parisian postcards from the roaring 20s for my Archive Retrograph. I had been involved in Erotica since the early 80s living in Paris surrounded by erotic vintage photographs and other miscellaneous phallic objects.

Elise could have stepped out of a French nightclub but in fact she was of Greek heritage. Had I met her today, I would have interviewed her, but the mid 80s was long ago and so we just would say hello and pleasantries on Saturday mornings.

She looked ready for business in one way or another having jet black heavily fringed Louise Brooks style bob. She was very sensual and curvaceous. We just talked shop but one day somehow discovered we both had a passionate love for Cuba. She loved to dance Salsa and confided in me she kept a young virile lover in Havana who she would send money to when she could via anyone travelling there on holiday.

Having me in mind as her next victim, she lured me to her studio in Camberwell with the promise of lunch. I had no idea what to expect but was curious to see how she lived and observe her taste in decor. I wasn’t sure if she was on the game and thought I would find out if she had a sexy boudoir.

I gasped when I saw a huge magnificent surreal Dali-esque very foreign looking painting on canvas that dominated the room of a Rubenesque Elise in all her naked glory, her ample breasts and nipples being squeezed and fondled by not just one well hung male but three with the forth man licking the sweetness of her honey pot! I was fascinated and of course asked her how the painting came about frozen in time.

She explained it was for a photo shoot at the Kit Kat Klub in Berlin for Taschen books and had been set up for very explicit sessions. I did not dare to ask how deep the penetrations were, if any, or if she had been tempted but she was in orgasmic heaven from the expression on her face. The Italian portrait artist Enrico Mazzini had captured her lust from the photograph she had given him as inspiration.

Elise was more intent on persuading me to take a pair of Nike trainers in my large suitcase to Havana and it was difficult to refuse knowing how hard it was and expensive to get foreign merchandise in Havana. Her toy boy never got them in the end and I had a very unpleasant evening with the young puppy lamenting the loss of his missing Nike.

Written in The Hove Writers Group 5th November 2018 and updated on 6th November 2018.