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Writers' Showcase

by Doug Hawley

We are taking a little time in our gender study class to examine the difference between two million-seller novels.  His story is “Code Name Charles” and her story is “The Devilish Duke”.  To begin, let’s compare extracts from these typical gender specific books side by side from each book.

Page 1
He saw her while they were shopping for automatic weapons and swords.  Charlotte was a vision wearing a see-through blouse that one would want to see through.  She openly appraised Charles’ 6 foot tall muscled body.  Charles correctly gauged her hunger.  After a quick introduction they spent five minutes in his Jaguar having her three orgasms and his two.
She viewed his chiseled chin, piecing brown eyes and muscular body with disdain.  All of her friends had warned her about his womanizing ways, and she was not about to be one of his many conquests.
Duke Charles asked “How are the crops on your estate?”
Lady Charlotte responded heatedly “You will never see a share of it through marriage” and then blushed at the unintended revelation of her inner most thoughts.
Duke Charles laughed at her foolish response and said “I believe that Milady is having a prosperous season.”
Page 33

Charles tells Charlotte’s prettier, more voluptuous sister Sentra “Now is the time to grab the Boldvian coding machine and steal through the forest surrounding the terrorists’ estate”.  Sentra had pretended that she needed help with her stalled car and had knocked the two villains out temporarily and let Charles in.
Before they could find the Ferrari parked in a secluded spot down the road,Sentra twisted an ankle.  While massaging her leg, his hands crept upwards.  Sentra’s low moaning was the signal that Charles needed.  Their escape was delayed by eighteen minutes of pleasure.

Lady Charlotte tried to appear superior to the ladies at the ball gathered around Hermione, the betrothed of Charles.  She became increasingly incensed as all of the women continuously chattered with Hermione, telling her how lucky she was to land such a catch.  Charlotte told herself that she was nothing like those foolish women.
Did she imagine that she caught the Duke glancing in her direction discretely?
Page 300 THE END
After Charles’ celebration with former arch enemy Miss Universe Pooh Denda, he went to his club for Scotch and cigars with other secret agents to debrief them on the successful operation.

Charlotte sees the vulnerable side of the Duke.  He is in tears at his broken engagement.  They surprise themselves by kissing passionately and declaring their eternal love for each other.

Your assignment is to read both books before the next class and give a critique of each.
The professor showed up at the assigned time for the next class, but the room was empty.  His check with the registrar showed that all thirty students had withdrawn.  The explanations were varied:  “I decided to take nuclear physics”, “The two books caused me to become non-binary and lose my interest in gender studies”, and “I want to live in a cave”.