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A Well-Heeled Man
by Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

Gigi sat pensively in the main square of the old Spanish city of Caceres. She became conscious of a man with black slicked-back greasy hair sitting near her.

Gigi was dressed in her favourite French electric blue She prided herself on her sleek black hair with a heavy fringe which gave her a classical French look. She was busy writing in her notebook when the man asked if he could sit at her table. Despite his awful hair, he had an open, charming smile. He introduced himself as Charlie and spoke no English.

"No problem," replied Gigi in excellent Spanish. They chatted a while. Charlie lived in Palma, Majorca and was visiting his family. Then he kissed her on the cheek and wished her a pleasant stay in his country. So absorbed was Gigi in her notes that she paid little attention to this chance encounter.

But the next day, she came across him again. He ran up and embraced her like a long-lost friend, running his hand through his tousled hair, looking stressed and distracted. This second sudden appearance had little impact on Gigi.

That evening, however, Gigi was wandering up the main street when she saw a different Charlie. Dressed in a black tightfitting sleeveless top, his hair washed, he looked relaxed and intensely attractive! Her throat tightened as she explained she wanted to come to Palma to view the art galleries there. Could he give her his mobile number and email address and she would look him up?

He immediately invited her to stay with him and wrote his details down in her notebook. Boosted by the thought of seeing the newly transformed version of Charlie, she glanced at the email address and gasped. could only mean one thing. She looked right into his eyes and intensely questioned him. What age was he? 52. Married? No, divorced. Was he gay? A transvestite? No. Into S&M? Absolutely not!. He leaned forward gazing into her eyes, saying he knew she understood him.

He then asked what size shoe she took. How many shoes did Charlie have in his collection?

“Only 16 for decoration,” came the reply. “Only for fantasy.” The urge to dress up, try on shoes for him, enter his fantasy world, was instantly appealing and captured her imagination!

Time for him to go. A football match beckoned him  He leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth. promising he’d call her soon. Gigi sat rooted in her chair. His kiss lingered. Elated she fantasised about an erotic trip to Palma later in the year. He had even written down the months she should come.

A chance meeting in life can open doors to another life, real or fantasy. Gigi wrote in her journal that night, sketching her favourite Jimmy Choo shoes in the margin.