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All There is to Life
by Kent V. Anderson

My mother says I need to get off my butt and find a woman and get married. She says that wearing sweat pants, watching video games, eating left-over pizza, borrowing her van, and living in her basement, is not all there is to life. She says I should go out into the world and get the woman and the life I really deserve!

Maybe she's right. There may be millions of women who would go for a guy like me.

So I put an ad in Craigslist personals: “Single guy, 35 years old, frugal, likes to sit and do stuff, always dressed for the occasion, seeks like-minded woman interested in marriage and/or children. Will send picture if you insist.”

I get lots of responses and I answer them all.

Mom says it's cuz I'm lazy, but I think it's creative; instead of meeting them at a cafe or bar, I have them come and meet me in my mom's basement. And to show how easy I am to get along with, I don't set up a specific time, I just tell them to drop in whenever.

Sure enough, about 1 am, Marta comes over with a box of wine. She tells me she's depressed about losing her job over an alleged shortage in the petty cash account. I like her straight forward manner. She liked that I had my own place. So we really hit it off!

Just a couple of months later, she's moved in with me, and already says she's pregnant. Marta's mom and sister moved in too last week, which is fine with me cuz we have plenty of mattresses down here.

Wow, there really is more to life than just doing what I was doing!

I want to thank my mom, but I don't know where she moved to cuz she didn't leave an address.