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Alex's Love Story - Alex and Eluna
by Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

It was his black mysterious fedora that caught my eye as I strolled through Brighton Open Market. That afternoon there were writers exhibiting books they had penned. Thus I had the pleasure of meeting Glaswegian Alex Willis who I would from that kismet moment on, refer to as Mr Fedora.

Somehow talking about his newly acquired hat gave him the added confidence to talk about his upbringing and childhood in San Francisco. His engineer father had moved his family out to the US just after ‘The Brain Drain’ period in England in the 50s. A period I understood well as my clever brainy scientific cousin John Greenhill had left Liverpool for ever to work in top secret research for the American Government. Today at 84 he is still in their employ in Washington.

Young Alex learned how to become an engineer in the American marines and settled in the Bay Area of the city loving the sea and especially repairing boats. His engineering qualifications had come in useful and even got him a job on a nearby harbour building site working alongside the architect.

One afternoon Alex was high on the scaffolding gazing out at the beautiful bay, when he as-pied a beautiful young maiden of about 16 below heading towards the boobing moored boats.

His heart skipped a beat and so he got out his binoculars to examine this apparition. The maiden had long wavy blonde hair tied back in a pony tail secured by a yellow bow. Around her forehead was a gold twisted braided band that caught the sunshine and shone making her look angelic. To him she was like a love child with a multi coloured patchwork maxi skirt and a yellow blouse. He gasped and knew this was the angel he wanted to marry and be with forever.

Alex had made one mistake, impulsively marrying a young American girl he had known lustfully for 3 weeks. Their union lasted 1 week before she got her lawyer to somehow annul the marriage. Thus Alex knew at 27 he wanted to settle down and start a family with a new love. This was the one. This was She. He had to find out who She was.

Meanwhile Eluna, the maiden, was on her way to visit her father Frank who was repairing his moored boat. She was bringing him his daily packed lunch loving prepared by his wife. Eluna was ‘Sweet Sixteen’ as the song goes and excitedly confided in Frank she had just seen the man she knew she would marry, begging him to find out who her young Adonis was high up in the Bay clouds.

A meeting was arranged the next day.

It was love at first bite for both of them. They knew without words their pure love for each other but she was under age at 16 to marry. Amazingly the judge refused to initially marry them concerned that they might not be sexually compatible. He even offered Alex the key to his apartment for the young couple to ‘have a go’ but there was no need because they knew that true enduring love would find a way. 

A way that their long marriage has lasted forever and ever with 3 grown children with families of their own all back in England.

Long live Alex and his enduring love for his ‘sweet sixteen’ bride Eluna!

Written in Brighton inspired by meeting Alex today for lunch. 27.2.19.