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Writers' Showcase

Wicklow Street Lobster Reel
(commemorating the freeing of the lobsters)
by K. A. Laity

Clasp your hands for the lobster reel
It doesn't matter how you feel
Spin your partner in a clinch
With your claws now give a pinch.

We are lobsters!
We are free!
Help us out of Dublin City.

First let’s see the Book of Kells
And then we’ll brave the Grafton hell
Give Mollie’s big brass jugs a rub
Then have a Guinness at the pub.

Down to Clontarf,
Fling us lobsters to the sea!

Somersault and back to land
And take your dinner by the hand.
Form two lines along the shore
Quadrille your partner ever more.

We are lobsters!
We are free!
Fiddler crab along with me.

[Allemande left]