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What A Doughnut
by Sarah Lye

My mother and I had went into town as we do twice a month, but because of mothers busy schedule we’d gone in on a different day. It seemed to be the market day in town, so there were lots more people around.

“Get your doughnuts,” shouted a large friendly looking man. I could smell the doughnuts cooking in the tray of hot oil. The fresh sweetened rings were pulled out of the oil bath and dipped straight into a clear tub of sugar. My mother pulled on my hand as if to say ‘maybe later.’

When we walked past later, he had already started to pack up. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and then looked at my mother.

“I’ll bring you in to get some tomorrow.” I’d taken that as a promise.

Next day, we made our way through the crowd to find the doughnut man. After pushing our way past a couple of people we’d gotten to the front of the queue.

“Can I have some sugared doughnuts please?” I’d asked the man in a courageous voice.

The man replied “I’m just waiting for my work experience boy to bring some more sugar.”

I saw a young boy enter the side of the van with a large bag. He emptied the contents into the sugar tub, and I licked my lips.

My doughnuts were finally on their way, and I knew it when they hit the sugar bowl. My mother paid as I grabbed the bag. We started to walk away whilst picking a doughnut each. I took a bite of my hot treat, but as soon as it touched my tongue it came straight back out.

“That’s not sugar, it’s salt!” I almost screamed.

The work experience boy had got the wrong thing. What a doughnut!