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Writers' Showcase

by Edgar Rider

Horatio is having trouble sleeping, ever since the events earlier in the day the bloodshed weighs heavily on his mind. Outside his window, Horatio hears a voice calling out from the darkness. He opens the window. Hamlet is floating outside. “Let me in.” Hamlet tries to smile his oversized fangs cause him some discomfort.

Horatio is not sure whether to scream or laugh. “Thou have changed.”

“I am Vamlet Forevermore,” he screams out. Horatio shrugs his shoulders and lets him in. Vamlet tries to relate the story of how he became a member of the “undead”. He enlists Horatio’s help in finding the answers to his puzzling predicament.

Vamlet is also visited by his dead father. The ghost of his father doesn’t know what to think of his transformation. Some of the other characters from beyond the grave will pop up and give Vamlet a piece of their mind. What kind of shenanigans will Vamlet and Horatio find themselves immersed into?

Vamlet must go on an odyssey and find the gravediggers who we believes hold the answers to his strange new transformation.

In this continuing odyssey, he has to ponder the thought of will his kingdom take him seriously? Who will lead his kingdom? His loyal companion Horatio volunteers to take the day shift.