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Tony and Angela's Romantic Date
by Jerry Guarino

Tony, a handsome, surfer looking dude lived in San Diego. He studied English in college, so the world wasn’t offering him big bucks. But his first job was decent enough, an editing job at a local newspaper, enough to pay the rent. He was a romantic, as many English majors are, and had a few long-term relationships in college. Two broken hearts
later, he left graduated, determined to find the one.

Angela, more of an Italian model, played soccer at Cal and studied business, landing an internship at a famous San Francisco clothing store. She had no shortage of men chasing her in college, but kept everything casual and short term, not committing to anyone, guarding her heart and soul.

Tony and Angela met online, of course, he in San Diego and her in San Francisco. During the summer, they exchanged texts, emails and face time calls. Both were eager to meet in person, but decided to do it in Los Angeles, where they both had family.
Thanksgiving holiday provided the time off and opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their family.

Tony drove to Los Angeles and rented a hotel by the beach. Angela flew to L.A. Tony met her at the airport and it was love at first sight, (that’s not always the case with online hookups). For three days, it was passion and getting to know each other. They knew that Thursday they would part and hoped to be together again for the weekend before they had to return to their homes and jobs.

Monday was spent on the beach, gazing into each other’s eyes and a romantic dinner in Malibu, before retiring to their hotel for hours of lovemaking.

Tuesday, the couple visited tourist sites and did some shopping, each buying the other a romantic trinket. Tony and Angela knew it was more than just lust, or a fling. Each was seriously involved with the other.

By Wednesday, they were officially a couple, changing their online status to ‘in a relationship’. That’s serious and each had no regrets. Tony was so enthralled, he considered getting an engagement ring, but didn’t want to scare Angela away so soon.

On Wednesday night, during the afterglow, they confessed their feelings.

“Angela, my angel. You are everything I’ve always dreamed of. I can’t believe our time is coming to an end so soon. I love you. I wish we lived closer.”

“Tony, I can’t believe how fast these days have gone. I love you too. How will we maintain a long distant relationship? I don’t want our love to end.”

“After Thanksgiving, can we get back together for the weekend? I can get a flight home Sunday night.”

“Of course, I’ll spend tomorrow and Friday with my family and pick you up Friday night for the weekend. It’s too soon to say goodbye. But let me drive you to your family tomorrow morning.”

Thanksgiving morning, Tony drove Angela to her family get together. As they turned to the street, they looked at each other. Angela spoke first.

“Right here, the large yellow house on the right. It’s my Uncle Joe.”

“Angela, this is where I’m going too. My Nona gave me this address for the family meeting.”

“This is where I’m going too. We have dozens of family members coming, with cousins from all over the country.”

Angela was shocked. “You mean?”

Tony was shocked. “Yes, we might be related.”

“All right, we have to be sure. Let’s each of us find the keeper of the ancestry and find out if we are related. I’ll meet you in an hour or so.”

Angela sighed, but got up the courage. “I hope we’re not.”

Tony and Angela, interviewed the people who kept track of family, asking about the other, seeing if it triggered any connections. They met as planned.

“Well, sweetheart, what did you find out?”

“None of my family has heard of you. What about you?”

“Same here.” Their eyes met, and came together for a long romantic kiss. Hand in hand, they introduced each other as a new couple and the band played the tarantella as they danced.