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Tap Dancing
by Michael Franklin

George, in their lounge, heard a shout
“My toe's caught – I can't get it out”
It was Bella – alarmed
Had she somehow been harmed?
Her gin is exhausted? – no doubt!

He went and stood in the hall
At the foot of the stairs he did call
“Are you singing a song –
Has your bathing gone wrong
Are you merry - just playing the fool?”

“No – there's trouble – a stupid mishap
In the bath I've been having a nap
But while turning about
I pushed my leg out
And my left toe is caught in the tap”

George climbed the stairs – one by one
Being elderly, it was no run
Now coming up eighty
He was slow and weighty
But there was a job to be done

Yes, Bella was caught by the toe
Right up in the pipe it did go
Pushed up high to the point
Where it trapped at the joint
Remove it? How? Neither did know

George went to switch off the mains
 Running water would add to her pains
Then, armed with a wrench
He went back to his wench
What's the answer? To her he explains 

“I'm going to unbolt the sluice
Cos your whole leg will be better loose
Then the answer I guess
 Is you must dry and dress
Then we'll put the car to good use.”

Every step that she took was a clang
The tap going down with a bang
But bravely she dressed
And George was impressed
He their local hospital rang

The journey was easy and near
But Bella was quaking with fear
 At her foot the Doc gazed
He was truly amazed
But the cure method soon became clear 

They unswelled her foot with pack ice
An experience not very nice
But the toe – duly shrunk
From the tap hole did bunk
She was happier then in a trice

We all see the truth – it's a sin
To go take a bath after gin
Give your body a chance
To avoid that tap dance
Be sober when bathing - to win!