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Writers' Showcase

Now I Understand
by Jerry Guarino

“Sam, remember when we were in 4th grade, that night your sister Susan went to the college dance?”

“Sure do Joey. Why?”

“I was just thinking. We didn’t know why she was dressed that way or what goes on at a college. In just a couple years, we’ll be in college too.”

“Hopefully” said Sam.

“Well, yes, hopefully. It’s kind of funny how life has changed in just five years.”

“You said it Sam. I wonder what life will be like five years from now.”

“Yeah, I wonder.”

“You’ll probably still be dating Sarah, maybe even getting engaged.”

“And you’ll probably still be dating Mary, if you’re not married by then.”

“Could be. We’ve been going out for six months now. Unless I’m playing college football. You know those guys have lots of girlfriends.”


“Hey, you still want to be a doctor?”

“Sure. They make loads of money and drive fancy cars. I just have to get my science grades up. I think you have to get at least a “B” in science to get into medical school.”

“All “B’s” in science, I think. Nothing lower.”

“Wow. You think?”

“Sure. They don’t want any doctors who make mistakes.”

“What about math; I’m failing math.”

“No, math doesn’t count; you don’t need to know math to be a doctor.”

“Good. Hey, what do you want to be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe an engineer. I could design computer games and make lots of money. I’m really good on my X-Box.”

“I thought you were failing math.”

“No, you don’t need math to study computers, just be good at gaming.”

“So, in a few years we’ll be rich. Maybe we’ll want prettier girls by then.”

“Yeah. Better not get tied down with Sarah and Mary.”

“OK, but we should still take them to the sophomore dance, right?”

“Yeah. I think that would be OK. We can let them down easy in the summer. Give us time to plan for the future.”

“Hey what about your sister? How is she doing?”

“Susan. Yeah, she’s in college, but dating different guys. She says nothing serious.”

“Really? But she’s like 22. I thought by then girls are all engaged.”

“I guess not. But they sure are pretty in college. I was over at their library the other day and you wouldn’t believe these girls.”

“Hot, huh?”

“Totally. They all have long, straight hair and big boobs. And none of them have acne like high school girls.”

“Wow. Good thing we’re not getting tied down with Sarah and Mary.”

“Yeah. But they’re nice girls. Got my first feel with her. What about you?”



“We did it last Saturday?”

“You what! No way.”

“I swear. Her parents were out and we were watching a movie, ‘I know what you did last summer’ with Jennifer Love Hewitt.”

“Yeah, and?”

“Well, we were making out when I saw Jennifer with a tight top on. My boner sprung to life. I thought it was going to pop my pants.”


“So Mary saw it and thought she was getting me hot. She got so excited she started to take her top off. By then, it was all she wrote.”

“Dang. When were you going to tell me?”

“Mary said we should keep it a secret.”

“You did. For 3 days. Gimme five!”

“Yeah. Now you can’t tell anyone. If Mary found out, she’d never let me have it again.”

“You can trust me man. So, you have that movie on DVD?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I told Sarah we should stay in Saturday and watch a movie. Her parents are going out.”

“The future is bright, my friend. I’ll get you the DVD.”

“I’m just glad we’re guys.”

“Yeah. It’s a lot of work being a girl.”

“I hear you Joey. I hear you.”