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Mine Name iz Cooper
by Amanda Neufeld

Dis iz Coop. I'z a chihuahua/ jack russel cross, and I iz very proud of mine Irish and Mexicans heritages. I also speaks good French. My Manda says I iz "le meilleur chien du monde," and I agreez. I yike to talk to my Meemaw in Montana about everyfings, and hers thinks I iz hilarious. I not know about her dogs though, her that Buddy dog, him is huge, and hims steals foods. But the Punky dog is nice, but hims is old. My Gampy lives there too, and him teached me all about that game when the guys in those crazy clothes throw and kick that giant brown egg. We not watch that stuff at mine house, Manda and me watches cartoons.

Sometimes, I see these big dogs by the road, and they have pointy feets. I barks at dems. Manda calls them "dear", but I thinks that's weird, cuz her not knows them. One time, I runned away in this place by our friends' house, her called it a sub-ma-vision, and theres was lots of places and dirt for me to run around in da dark. Her stood in the light and called me for a really long times. And I heared dese dogs singin a "wooooo" song, and I thinked I wanted to go say hi, but Manda sounded scared when hers told me thems was coyotes or sumpin. I got scared when hers went to get da car, and when hers drived up close to where I runned away, I came running out fast, and hers opened the car door and I jumped in right onto her lap. Hers face got all wet, and hers squeezed me hard and said to not do that evers, evers, evers again. I thinks I not do that anytime soon.

Den dis one time dis yittle fuzzbucket dog comed over to visit the lady upstairs. Him tried to get all up in mine face, and I telled him where to get off. Him was ascared of me after I telled him "grrrrr.... snrrf!". But then him comed back and tried to make me run and I says no, and I layed down in a sunbeam and stared at him for a yittle while.

Dere's kitties upstairs. Dis one kitty, I yike her. Her is yike me, her just stares at mees sometimes, and then her takes a nap, and I takes a nap too. We shares the back yard like nice aminals. Dis other kitty, her not yike me. Her says "HISSSS!!!!", and "Rrrrrrrnnnnnyooowrrrr". And her hides in da razzemaberries, and one time, dis lady I love was lookin for that cat for a looong time, and my Manda letted me outside, and I finded that kitty right away. Her and Manda said "good boy, Cooper, what a good boy," Cuz I standed there and just stared into the razzemaberries and not goed in theres. That kitty said "rrrreeeeeeyowwwr", and her tried to scratched that nice lady, but hers has no pointies on hers feets, so her is useless.

I yike mine house, and mine Manda. Hers plays wif mees, and I sleeps in hers bed. And when her calls mine Meemaw onna computer, I gets to talk to hers.