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Marley's Next Adventure
by Jerry Guarino

Marley (the vegan dog) and Boston (the labradoodle who was allergic to dog dander) were watching their pups at the pond. It was a summer romance, but now the work of parenthood lay heavy on Marley. His eye was wandering to other dogs, maybe one of his own breed, a terrier. Dogs don’t mate for life.

“Marley, aren’t the pups precious?”

“Yes, dear. The best of both of us.”

“My owners were surprised when I gave birth. They are still looking for the father.”

“I’d rather you kept that between us.”

“Are you ashamed of me, of our summer romance?”

“No dear. I just think in today’s mores, to live and let live. It’s not like we share the same house.”

“This isn’t the summer of love. What about commitment? What about fidelity?”

“We can still be friends.” Marley wandered away and Boston whimpered.


You see, Marley was a brown and black Yorkshire Terrier (15 pounds) and Boston was a large white labradoodle (60 pounds). So, Marley’s desire to meet other dogs wasn’t racism, just practical romance. He still had warm feelings for Boston, but wanted to be with someone more like himself.

That’s when he met Rachel, a pretty West Highland White Terrier.

“Hi. I’m Marley.”

“I’m Rachel, nice to meet you.”

“You have a lovely coat, so fresh and clean.”

“Probably the diet of chicken and fish my owner gives me.”

Marley perked up. “I love chicken and fish, but my owners are vegans, so I never get them.”

“I can share with you if you like. Let me show you where my house is and you can meet me there after dinner.”

Marley thought to himself. This may be the perfect girl. But how can I impress her? Maybe I should introduce her to some of my friends: Duck, Larry Bird and Jeri, the stoned cat.

Marley and Rachel spent the rest of the day together and for many days afterward. True to her word, Rachel brought out some chicken and fish to him after dinner, providing the romantic background for some after-hours cuddling. Fortunately, both of them had doggie doors in their houses, so they could come and go when they pleased. Not so for Boston, who had to wait for her owners to walk her.

So, Marley and Rachel didn’t run into Boston, not even at the pond.

Rachel’s owners took her out for a walk on a Sunday morning. Rachel steered them over to Marley’s house. He saw them coming and barked his owner to take him out too. Soon Marley and Rachel were walking side by side as the owners chatted.

“Your Yorkshire is so pretty,” said Rachel’s single mom.

“And your Westie is too,” said Marley’s dad, who was clearly attracted to more than the dog.

Soon, these meetups became more frequent and Rachel’s mom was encouraging the flirting from Marley’s dad.

Not surprisingly, Marley’s dad was invited over to Rachel’s for a drink and before long they had started an affair. Marley and Rachel found themselves together most of the time.
After a month, Marley’s mom was getting suspicious.

“You seem to be taking a lot of walks with Marley, at all times of day and night.”

“Well, it keeps him healthy.”

“Maybe I should be walking him more often.”

“No, I don’t mind.” This made her even more suspicious. So, she attached a tiny camera on Marley’s collar and tracked it over the internet. Before long, she had her proof. Her husband had been seeing another woman, even using dog walking to cover up their affair. She saved the video and contacted a divorce attorney.

Meanwhile, Rachel’s mom was getting tired of preparing vegan meals for Marley’s dad.

“Why can’t you have normal food? I need more than vegetables to survive. What about a pizza?”

“They make vegan pizzas. I’ll bring one over.”

Needless to say, Rachel’s mom did not like a vegan pizza and thus began the end of the affair between them.

Marley and Rachel were relegated to their secret rendezvous meetings. But their romance continued for some time, even though their time was restricted.

Meanwhile, Boston was searching for another companion, but kept caring for the mixed breed pups of terrier/doodle dogs.

Marley’s Next Adventure by Jerry Guarino
Copyright July, 2020 – All Rights Reserved