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Eve Speaks
by Tom Speropulos

Women have the need to talk; the urge, the drive, and the demand to be heard. A good patient man listens and learns to nod. This desire runs deep throughout the generations.

Eve was a talker, and look what happened to her and Adam. Adam got his one chance to make a comment and, quite by accident, mentioned the “S” word (sports). He ended up sleeping on a fig leaf, alone, for a week.

The whole apple thing was spurred on by too much conversation as well. Eve says to him, in the middle of a one way, non-stop conversation she was having with the nearby snake in the grass, “Come on Adam, just take one bite”.  He takes the one bite in hopes to keep her quiet and bang, no more Garden of Eden.

Learn to nod and smile. It’s quite a problem. What’s a fellow to do?

Of course, many men have the same urge to go on as well. If not about sports, some other sort of manly- man exercise about screen doors, wood chippers, or handheld screw guns. Whenever I start down this path, my wife picks up a book and begins to read. “Yes, I am listening honey” she says to me, “You got to screw something, that’s nice…”

I suppose, to be fair to both sexes, it’s best for any conversation to be a two-way street. My problem is that I frequently end up in the bike lane when the talking begins. Thus, as a married person, I advise all couples to keep these words in mind and to use them often: “Yes dear, I AM listening”.