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Criminal Lawyers: John Williams
by Jerry Guarino

John Williams was a lifelong Republican. From New England prep school president to Yale and then Harvard law school, John was always one of the fortunate few. Growing up with privilege, he was accustomed to having his way in life. But just because you lived a charmed life doesn’t mean you’re not vulnerable to life’s downturns.

He joined a Washington, D.C. firm from law school and immediately started making contacts with the GOP elites, congressmen, senators, and even cabinet secretaries. By the time he was 30, he became known as a fixer, someone who could get clients out of trouble or place the blame elsewhere.

A first-term senator came to visit him in the summer. She had an affair with one of her staffers and was being accused of sexual harassment, the kind of charge that can derail a promising career. Her name was Christy Long. She made an appointment with John. They met in his firm’s private conference room.

“Hello, Mr. Williams. I’m Christy Long. I understand you’re a criminal lawyer.”

“Yes, Ms. Long. I’m a criminal defense attorney, although now I work mostly with lobbyists and congressional staffers. What can I help you with?”

“As you may know, I’m a first-term senator from North Dakota. One of my aides, Bill Lawrence, is accusing me of sexual assault, even though we have had a consensual relationship for months.”

“Why all of a sudden? Did you do something to upset him?”

“Well, he found out that I am bisexual and caught me sleeping with his wife.”

“I guess that would do it. But there’s blame on both sides. What does the wife say?”

“She didn’t know about our affair, but is using this to get a favorable divorce settlement.”

“So, Bill isn’t open to hushing this up?”

“His wife wants to keep seeing me, so no.”

“Hmm. Let me make some calls.”


John arranged for a D.C. escort to meet with Bill and get some compromising photos. He then brought Bill in to discuss a deal – drop the charge against Christy or have the photos given to his wife for leverage. Bill acquiesced.

In the next election, John was involved in cleaning up a charge of election interference from several Republican congressmen, from states with substantial GOP control. There were dirty tricks, payoffs, and bribing judges among other misdemeanors. As usual, John’s first ploy was to embarrass and discredit the persons bringing the charges. But that wouldn’t be enough.

One of the congressmen, Alex James, came in to meet with John.

“Thank you for seeing me, Mr. Williams. I’m Alex James. I understand you’re a criminal lawyer.”

“I’m a criminal defense attorney, yes. I understand that CNN is going to expose your election interference scheme.”

“Yes, I was ratted out by a staffer.”

“That’s unusual.”

“Well, she was married and her husband found out. He told her he would leave her if she didn’t expose me.”

“Sex scandals in D.C. Shocking. So, what are you being accused of?”

“A plan to limit voting by minorities, bribing election officials and threatening anyone who gets in the way.”

“Wow. A triple threat. Didn’t you think you could win without cheating?”

“I’m a Republican.”

“Of course, I understand. Our party is taking it on the chin lately. So, who is the CNN reporter?”

“Candace Livingston. She contacted me to defend myself, but I wanted to talk to you first.”

“Has she involved anyone else at the network?”

“No, she wants an exclusive.”


John contacted one of his thugs to rough up Ms. Livingston, but the goon killed her by mistake. It would have all disappeared except that a hidden video camera in Ms. Livingston’s living room caught the murder on tape. Her surveillance was automatically uploaded to a secure website.

When the police viewed the footage, they noticed one other critical element of the crime. The killer said something to Ms. Livingston before killing her.

“John Williams sends his regards.”

So, when police picked up the thug, he had to turn on John, in an attempt to minimize his culpability. They picked up John Williams immediately.

But John wasn’t out of options. He had one of his associates defend him and bribe the judge to let him out on bail. No such luck. The judge was related to Alex James’ opponent in the upcoming election. Williams tried to get the judge to recuse himself from the case, but their appeal was denied. The supervising judge who heard the appeal was Byron Waters, Christy Long’s grandfather.

Williams was sentenced to conspiracy to commit murder and sent to prison in Alabama, about as far from his New England privilege could take him. Williams tried to call in his favor from other D.C. elites, but to no avail. He had become toxic, normally the only way you could lose your power in the nation’s capital. He wrote a book, exposing all the secrets he knew about, to exact revenge on those who abandoned him.
After the book was published, John was working in the prison garden. A fellow inmate stabbed him with a pruning shear and left him with a parting word.

“Bill Lawrence sends his regards.”

Criminal Lawyers: John Williams by Jerry Guarino
Copyright April, 2023 – All Rights Reserved