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Courage Needed to Do a Good Deed
by David Yamrus

It was high time she should go to work. So she put on her skirt in a hurry and left home. To save time, she didn’t dress herself in a very orderly fashion. As a result, one of the skirt slips stayed inside.

How awkward it was! But she had no idea! Even though several passers-by fixed their eyes on her, she paid no attention to them, for she knew that they would do it only because her beauty worked. And she was used to it.

“Excuse me, madam. Mind your back…” a young man suddenly tried to call her attention from behind. She looked back, but there was nothing left on the ground. She glanced at him and went on moving forward.

“I say, mind your back,” said that young man again. She turned her head back again. Still, there was nothing on the ground.

“How disgusting!” she replied to the young man, who tried to explain. “Look at the back part of…”

Suddenly, she found there was something wrong with her skirt. She made a quick re-arrangement, with her face rather red. Then she ran towards her office at a stride. When she sat down by her desk, she thought of what had happened to her and got angry with the young man. He had been walking behind her all the way and he must have seen… However, if he hadn’t reminded her of the problem, many more people would have seen it. Moreover, the young didn’t mean to hurt her; she could see that from his eyes.

Her thoughts on the matter became quite clear.

One evening from work, on the bus she saw a middle-aged man, with his trouser zip open. This was known by almost everyone but none of them would tell him about it.

She hesitated for a moment, unable to make up her mind. Just then, she remembered the young man’s smile and, slowly, she pushed her way through the crowd towards the man, and tried to tell him about it.

“Excuse me, but could you please mind your zip?” she didn’t mention the word “trouser” in order to not alert the other passengers to what she was doing.

“What?” the man asked loudly.

“You didn’t do up your zip.”

“Oh,” he looked down, “something has been wrong with it for a couple of days. There has been no time to get it repaired, but, does it matter much to you?” he asked as if he thought the young lady was mean. Someone began to laugh.

“I only wanted to remind you to be careful with your appearance. Nothing else.” She looked him in the eye.

The man was silent.

At that very time she thought of the young man, and became more grateful to him for his great deed. Only then did she realize that sometimes it takes great courage to help someone without any self-motivation.