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Can You Stand without Your Feet on the Ground
by Henry Smith

One day when I was preparing a new lesson in my study, my five-year-old daughter entered the room with a doll in her hand. As soon as she saw me, she said, “Dad, I have a question to ask you.”

“Yes, please. What is it?” I replied.

“Can you stand without your feet on the ground?” she added.

“Oh, no, I can't,” I regretted.

“How stupid you are! Listen to me. I can tell you the way.” As she said that, she tried to put her little doll on my writing desk.

“Look, you can make it stand on a chair or a desk like this. And you don't put your feet on the ground but you can still stand, that’s OK?”

“Oh, thank you, my dear. I wasn't able to think of an answer as good as that. How clever you are! But can I stand with my head on the ground instead of my feet?” I said.

“Oh, no, Dad. That is not called standing.”

I made no answer.

She rushed out, looking rather pleased with herself as if she had won.

When she left the room, I found myself sitting at the desk, lost in thought. Her question might be silly. After all, she is a child of five. Her thoughts were very simple, but she still tried to do experiments again and again. I am sure that she had practiced making her doll stand for a long time before she came to me. Could I do the same thing? Sorry, I couldn’t. Besides, why didn’t I tell her that I could and then I used my head for a better way? If so, might I have been mean and I wouldn’t have been a thoughtful and caring father? Well, it is not easy to deal with everything very well. A little girl could put you into the trouble of answering such a small question, not to say the students at Middle School. So, you have to better yourself in all aspects of life. Having a lot of knowledge of English is not enough to be a perfect man!