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Writers' Showcase

by Fiona Lambert

I gave him the award every year. I would take my time to design a new one, with flowers, or love-hearts and fancy borders. I always made the writing swirly and artistic. I would print it out on card, in colour and write his name on the dotted line using my best Calligraphy:

The Award for the Best Boyfriend
Is Presented To

Mark Bigford

Lots of Love, Charlotte

I showed it to my best friend, Amy. My tears had smudged the letters. It was supposed to be a surprise, coming back from work early. I was going to give him the certificate and have a lovely romantic evening in. That all changed when I walked in on him with the neighbour.

“It’s not you, it’s me,” he said later.

“It’s definitely a bit of both,” I replied thinking of the neighbour, whom I’d secretly fancied for ages. I always thought I was the reason he would hang around with Mark and me.

Amy really helped me get through it all. I moved in with her and we spent most weekends out together. She came with me every time I had to pick up more stuff from Mark’s house and would always think of something fun and exciting to do afterwards, to take my mind off things. Slowly the pain of knowing two good-looking men preferred each other to me subsided. I started seeing the situation as a bit of a joke.

“I secretly regret not joining in that evening,” I confessed to Amy a couple of months later, during a drunken night in. She laughed until she fell off the couch, though I think the tequila may have had something to do with that, too.

The next day, I received a certificate in the post:

The Award for the Sexiest Lady
Is Presented To

Charlotte McMoran

Lots of Love, Amy

Amy and I have been together ever since. I still have the certificate hung on my wall.