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A Story of Two Wolves and a Squirrel
by Richard Smith

Once upon a time there stood a large mountain, on the top of which there was a large cave where two big wolves lived. Near the cave grew a tall pine tree. One day, a squirrel went up the tree for some nuts. While it was half way up the tree, the two wolves came out of the cave and saw it.

"Oh, look, isn't that a squirrel?" one asked.

"It is," the other replied.

"I think squirrels taste delicious," one said, with water dripping out of his mouth.

"So do I." The other looked very pleased.

Then they decided to climb up to the tree. They crawled so that they wouldn’t make any noise. As you know, wolves have long legs and soon they reached the foot of the tree. Now they had a problem: who would climb the tree first? They talked and talked, but they couldn't reach an agreement. Finally, they started to use their strength. At last, the stronger won the right to climb. When he was half up the tree, he didn't seize the trunk tightly enough and fell down to the ground, dead. The other sat down, thinking hard for a clever way to catch the squirrel. All of sudden, he appeared very excited. He made full use of his power and started to gnaw at the trunk of the tree.

"What is the wolf doing?" the squirrel wondered.” I must eat up before something bad happens."

It took the wolf about half an hour to gnaw the tree down. As soon as the tree fell down, he began to search for the squirrel.

"But where is it?" he asked himself. "I must find it!"

He searched and searched, but it was nowhere to be seen. Where had it gone?

While the wolf was gnawing the tree, the little squirrel had jumped off the tree and ran off.