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Alexander The Great
by Richard John Purvis

They say that it all started back with the Romans, but no one seems to know what exactly a thumbs up meant and what a thumbs down meant. But there's no question what a thumbs up or down means to Alexander! Alexander is an expert! Alexander has been honing his skills for years: his thrust, his parry, his slice, his stab to the heart. He's seen many an embittered enemy collapse on the blood-soaked dust as he stood victorious, waiting for the crowd to express its wishes, waiting for the sign of the final kill. He has felt the rush of blood, the age-old scent of victory – the moment just before he sends yet another challenger to the nether realms.

Alexander is not a cruel man, not one to take pleasure from the pain of another, but he knows how to evade the jabs and lunges of those who are foolish enough to insult his honour. A man has to defend what is his, and if he has little else in this world, Alexander has his honour. He would not back down, he would not plead to the crowd for mercy; he neither gives nor expects any quarter. He knows that he is respected by all, feared by many and knows that some of the women are flirting with him. And why not? Has he not proven his worth as a great man many times over? Has he not proven his strength in combat against those fools who think that they can get the better of him? He has indeed! He knows the prestige, the authority that comes with a reputation such as his. Alexander has faced the worst and come out the better man.

The opponent he now faced was cunning and sly. He would feint in one direction, then stab with a swiftness and a brazen boldness that secretly shocked Alexander! Their battle had been long; Alexander had been forced to concede ground to his adversary on a couple of occasions. And yet he saw a weakness in the moves of this formidable foe. As always, he stood ready, had planned his strategy well and executed it in a subtle yet deadly manner. Alexander felt the flush of victory when he saw that his worthy opposition had finally fled the field of battle in disgrace. Alexander noted the ninety two thumbs up and the pitiful twenty two thumbs down, he was yet again the victor! He smiled, not a vulgar smile, but a smile that was worthy of a man of his stature. Alexander the Great posted his last comment for this article on the Daily News website, turned off his computer, put on his SpongeBob SquarePants slippers and headed off to his comfy bed, still glowing from his latest victory!

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