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Writers' Showcase

Thoughts from Rip the Whippet
by Deborah Cherry Mosch


Where is Steve?
by Rip The Whippet

Where did Steve go? It’s hard to move the pillows around on the sofa.
I will dig around on the blanket. Now I’ll push the blanket off the sofa and onto the floor where the pillows are. Where’s Steve? I’ll go look for him.

Steve is not in the bathroom.
Steve is not in the bedroom.
Steve is not doing laundry.

Where is Steve’s car? His car is gone and that means he might not be home. I wonder if Deb knows this. She left the door open. That is unusual. Perhaps she would like me to go outside and look for Steve.

It’s warm in the sun. I’ll lie down in the grass and wait for Steve.

Deb is in the doorway looking outside towards me. Why is Deb screaming my name repeatedly? She seems to want very much for me to come back in the house. Why is she talking so loudly to me? She is asking questions from the doorway and pointing her finger down towards the floor. She is asking questions in a loud voice, but that doesn’t help me comprehend her. I wonder why she’s not Steve.

Does she know that Steve may not be home? I’ll go check down the street to see if Steve’s around someplace.


I Like to Lick
by Rip The Whippet

My tongue tastes sort of like my bowl. I will lick something now.

I was licking Deb’s arm and then I was licking the couch and now Deb is holding my face. That makes it harder to lick. It’s hard to lick but I think I can lick the inside of Deb’s hands while she is holding my face.

I miss Steve. I wonder when Steve will be home. Deb is getting up from the couch. I’ll go with her. She is walking through the living room. I’m walking with her.

She’s going to the bathroom. I’ll wait for her and then I’ll follow her out of the bathroom. I wonder where she'll go after the bathroom. I’ll just have to wait. I wonder if she’ll go to the bedroom or to the kitchen. She might go out to the car. I’m ready to go with her to the car. I like car rides.

Deb is not as astonishing as Steve but she is nice. She shares her food with me sometimes and then talks in a shrill whining voice to Steve. Her food is spicy but sometimes it is sweet. It is salty.

I would like to lick something now.


Steve is Outside
by Rip The Whippet

Steve put on his hat and dark glasses. He picked up his very long fish catching stick. He slid open the back sliding glass door and went out the door in his hat and dark glasses and walked off of the porch and down the walkway.

He turned the corner. I can’t see him now. I’m going to walk through the kitchen and over to the front door to see if he is there.

I am passing by my food bowl and there is food in my bowl. I’ll eat some of it.

I am going to walk to the back sliding glass door that has a screen in it to look through to find Steve. I don’t see Steve. I’ll go to the front door to see if his car is in his car parker space.

Steve’s car is in his car parker space. I’ll go back to the back sliding glass door that has a screen in it to find Steve. I am at the back sliding glass door that has a screen in it and there are a lot of birds talking back here. The wind is blowing, too, and that makes the tree branches move back and forth.

I don’t care for the sound the branches are making when they move back and forth. They are loud when Steve isn’t here. Steve likes the sound they make.

I’ll go sit next to Deb and wait for Steve. I wonder when Steve will be back.