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Writers' Showcase

The Peek-A-Boo I. C. U.
by Judith Mesch

The Peek-A-Boo I. C. U.
Always welcomes the Critically Ill
With good cheer and a happiness pill
And a song and a dance from Brazil
In the Peek-A-Boo I.C.U.
All are treated with consummate skill
By a doctor named Fulminous Phil
Who, though old, is not over the hill
And is said to sit down to a mill
Of Brown Barley and Eggs
And Rhinoceros Legs
And a glass of white wine slightly chill
(Later charged on the company bill)
And at night while the unit is still
There’s a nurse known as Sadie McGill
Who performs an unusual drill
Giving forth an euphonious trill
While harmoniously tweaking a quill
Upside down on a clean window sill
(Making patients increasingly ill)
While the Fellows have fish from the grill
In a sauce of brown butter and dill
All these medical folks if you will,
Have all vowed not to harm or to kill
The nice people they treat til they’re dead on their feet,
And in fact they agree it’s a thrill
To defeat rare infections
Learn to read frozen sections
And to dress in conservative twill