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Writers' Showcase

Salute To The Garden
by Judith Mesch

Deli, while munchable
Is simply not crunchable,
While butter on roll
In time exacts a toll
As too, when deeply fried
Will sole, if knife and fork are plied
And dairy, sad to say, is often cold and pallid...  
Now contemplate a garden salad:
Tomato, kirby, crisp romaine
So good with dressing, sweeter plain
And Peppers, brilliant, orange, red 
Cabbage, green and purple head 
Potatoes, Parsnip wierd Kohlrabi
Celeriac, turnips, them that’s knobby; 
Then svelte  Zucchini-
A touch inconvinni
When raw to chaw
Except in slaw-
And like cauliflower or broccoli
Though hard to spell exoccolli
Improves a lot
When you toss it in a pot
And steam, stew or boil it
Or roast-in-tin-foil it
You can, also steam it
There’s really no limit;
Now, sweet corn: each bite
A summerful delight;
Then fennel, celery, carrots, leek
Their flavors clean and seldom meek
So begging your pardon,
Hats off to the garden
Flower, fruit, pod, root and seeds
It’s entirely edible (minus weeds)
To vines and to greens
To melons and beans
And ad infinitum
Too many to cite ‘em
A natural production
The grandest of scenes
With just one instruction

Dig in, by all means.