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Writers' Showcase

Some Men Just Need Killin'
by Katie O'Brian-Robles

Okay.. So Mike has the afternoon off.

"What shall we do?"

"Let's go look for wild flowers"

"Well honey, Sofia is really not doing too well.. her meds have taken all day to kick in and I think maybe she needs some rest after her short walk this afternoon." (she was still a little sore from Mike's back injury).

"Ahh come on.. it will be fun, we'll load her up in the truck and I'll show you where we can get those pretty purple blossoms you like.. "

"Baby, it's awfully muddy.. do you think it's really a good idea"

"Sure.. where's your sense of adventure?"

Well no one has ever accused me of a lack of adventure (I HAVE been accused of a lack of sense ). So into the truck we go, Sofia in the back seat, me in the front thinking.. "this is not a good idea."

Halfway through the muck, of course.. we got stuck. BRRRRRR go the wheels,  FFFFLLLLING goes the mud . We are half a foot deep in the nasty stuff.. Mike gets out of the truck and starts poking around the fields looking for broken tiles, old wood.. anything that he can use for traction.

"This is not a good idea, let's call for help"

"Oh I have an idea (not a good one) go get me some of those prawns"

"Prawns?? What are you talking about? What do you want with shrimp?"

"No no no.. the prawns off the trees. the palm prawns!" (the man has a Master's in Pyscology).

Okay by now I've got the story half written in my mind and start to giggle and hauling palm fronds over to the quickly sinking truck.

"This is not a good idea.. I think we need a shovel"

SO off Mike and Sofia go on foot and paw in the direction of the house..

I keep looking for prawns.

He's  back 20 mins. later with the shovel,some wood and Jessie.. Jessie is one of the security guards here on property. Drives a golf cart and carries a great big walkie talkie. He's also as useless as tits on a boar. but at least he can tsk tsk tsk and tell us we're not supposed to be here and that "it's really not a good idea."

I'm at the wheel loving the FFFFFLING sound, Mike is pushing the truck, Jessie is on his golf cart whispering something into his walkie talkie.

We finally manage to get the truck extricated... Mike resembles something like the creature from the Black Lagoon, I'm in a helpless heap from laughing and we back up all the way down the muddy trail to the street outside our house.

We had left Sofia at home and not wanting to be left out of this grand adventure, she's plopped herself on OUR bed giving us the stink eye and wondering why she ever got involved with any of us..

Obviously it was not a good idea.