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Writers' Showcase

by Xavier Ticas

Grammar, the basics of writing,
We have the period, ending our sentences, and commas, to pause them.
However, there in between the period and the comma,
Lays an odd grammar symbol known as the semi-colon.
Such an ugly name for a word, semi-colon.
Breaking down the word it means half of a digestive organ.
What does half an organ have to do with grammar?
I will tell you, the semi colon is used with conjunctive adverbs to put two sentences together, into one grammatically correct sentence.
Why on earth would you call something like that, which seems so important, a semi-colon? The physical appearance of it is also awkward. A period is plain and simple, a comma too, is easy to make out, but combining both it makes the period look like its on steroids, or a comma with an unsightly growth on top.
The semi-colon can be useful; however, it is one of the hardest grammatical symbols to use.
Most high school students have no clue how to use semi-colons; additionally it’s hard to tell how to use them.
Semi-colons are hard to use; they are a nuisance to learn.
I hope that I never learn how to use a semi-colon for as long as I live; I don’t need them anyway.