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Writers' Showcase

It's a Dog's Life
by Rebecca Burke

Snuffling, snarling, licking their butts.
If there's one thing I hate it's goddam mutts.
Clacking their claws comng in from the rain.
Across the clean floor, now it's muddy again.

Trying to evoke sympathy pathetically whining.
Head to the floor, eyes sad, aaah they're pining.
Mauling visitors, sniffing inappopriate places.
While you glare helplessly at the owner's braindead beaming faces.

Smelly dog syndrome, wafting through the air.
Their hovel stinks of mutt but the owners don't care.
Here comes a dog walker, excuse me while I cross the street.
The dog desperate to bite my hand off in its daily meet and greet.

Eyeing cherubs greedily giving them the once over.
Knowing when they've torn their limbs off folks will say "aaw don't blame Rover!"
Surviving house fires that kill five, tongue hanging out smugly.
I hate dogs, they're pervy, smelly and fugly.