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Full Circle
by Tony R. Lindsay

In the beginning Mother God created the heavens and the earth. Eon’s drifted by, and Mother God was content to take long naps and sing in off-key soprano. Then she designed a simple form of life and observed as one-cell creatures evolved into complex fauna.

Mother God loved to chat, but there were no women around. So, Mother God created Eve. They lived together in a lovely garden and babbled daily for millennium. But Eve became bored and unhappy.

An apple tree grew in that garden. Mother God took a branch from the tree and fashioned a toy for Eve in the image of a one-eyed snake. Eve was pleased, and for a time, happy. Then Eve became bored again. Mother God looked with pity upon Eve. She gave a form of life to the snake, attached Adam to it, and presented her gift to Eve.

Eve’s euphoric dancing shredded a portion of the garden.

The blissful existence for women and men lasted for a time. Then Eve complained that men had evolved to become so large and powerful that they threaten to dominate females.

“Don’t worry, Eve. Men are stronger than women, but women are smarter. I planned it that way. It’s something I call parity.”

At first, men hunted by simply charging a mammoth or a giant bear and flailing away with clubs and rocks. Many men were torn apart or trampled. Over a long span of time, men learned to hunt by setting traps and using strategy to bring down their prey. The planning and execution of schemes resulted in men developing improved cerebral function. With brains almost as large as women, and with much stronger bodies, men exerted dominance over women for thousands of years. The fair sex resorted to sly and indirect methods of getting men to behave in an acceptable manner.

Generations rolled by and men began to depend upon improved weapons and to rely less on out-thinking their quarry. The brains of men reverted back to the time when they were far less intelligent than women. A significant portion of the male brain migrated down his torso, lodging in a lower appendage.

 And so it came to pass that women reclaimed their original position as the superior gender. Mother God looked down upon creation and was pleased to see that her plan had come full circle.

Almighty Mother God announced in a wind blown all over the world, “As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, women rule the earth.”