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Driving Me Crazy
by Phil Richardson

As one ages, you become aware of the waning standards for giving out driver licenses. Otherwise, how could there be so many unqualified drivers on the road? In the past few years I have witnessed increasing instances of stupidity on the part of young people who are clearly unfit to drive.

Yesterday, for example, I made a legal turn (right on red) and was almost hit by a young man driving a yellow car. Didn’t he understand what “right on red” means? I had the right to turn. As usual in such instances, he honked at me, which I barely heard over the squealing sounds his brakes made. 

No sooner was I out on the freeway when another idiot who was behind my car started honking at me. I was going 45 M.P.H.  (well below the speed limit) and he kept waving at me to get over into the right lane. I don’t like driving in the right lane because people are always slowing down to make an exit. I could have explained this to a rational being, but this guy kept getting closer and closer to my bumper. Since he was driving a semi (he was way too young for this kind of responsibility), I decided to give him a break and pulled into the right lane. As he passed, he gave me a friendly wave of the hand although I wonder what he was pointing to with his middle finger.

After that incident, I stopped at a gas station and was treated rather rudely. I had just put my credit card into the slot when a voice came over the loudspeaker “You’ve got your card upside down.” Now how was I to know which way the card went? Then, while I was filling my tank, he came on the speakers again and said, “No smoking while you’re filling your tank.” These anti-smoking people get on my nerves. I will not go back to that gas station either.

To add insult to injury, I was arrested just a few days later because of a silly rule. I was driving down Johnson Street when I noticed the flashing lights of a police car. When I pulled over, the officer came to my window and accused me of running a stop sign. I explained to him that it was a stupid stop sign and that hardly anyone stopped for it since there was so little traffic. Being young, he ignored my logic and gave me a ticket.

There is no doubt in my mind that the younger generation has a lot to learn about driving.