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Christmas Again!
by Andy Smith

Oh, not again, must I really do this again? Every year the same, the days get shorter, the dark hangs on for longer and dear me it gets cold. Hibernate, that’s what we should be doing. Instead? Out into the cold, get into the festive spirit… again.

Last year I said it was exactly that, the last. I’m just getting too old for this lark. It’s for the kids, everyone says.

Well, yes, I suppose so.

Their little faces lighting up as they wake upon the most magical day of the year...

Yes, I know. Not always satisfied though are they? After all the work and effort? Do they truly realise just how hard it is to get this organised?

No, of course not!

And I’ll huff and I’ll groan, but I know that there’s no getting out of it. Christmas is coming and if I don’t want to get into big trouble I really ought to make a start.

So I get out the list of this year’s hoped for’s, gawk at the size it, huff a bit more, then buckle down. After all, there really is no getting out of it. I’d never live it down. Imagine the tears on their faces, ‘’Mum, Dad, Santa didn’t visit me!’’

What could be said? ‘’Sorry, my love, maybe it was just too much trouble for Santa this year. Perhaps he’ll come next Christmas instead.’’

Really can’t see that working.

Let’s get my specs on then, have another look at that list. I’m sure I could whittle it down a bit, after all some of it’s just a passing fancy. They won’t miss that, or even that, probably even forgot they wrote it down.

Ok, it’s starting to seem a bit more manageable.

Funny really, because once I get started, I just get caught up in it again. The joy I felt when I was younger blossoms once more, the excitement of the eve of Christmas morning. How can I deny that wonder from the kids?

All right, here we go then. Step out into the cold, gaze up at the dancing aurora of the night sky. ‘’Prancer!’’ I cry, ‘’Rudolf! Giddy up! Ho ho ho!’’