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Writers' Showcase

Best Of
by Gurmeet Mattu

“Whistle while you work,” Mr Spock sang, “Klingons are all berks, They’re all barmy, So’s their army, Klingons are all berks.”

The Klingon warrior facing him glowered and reached for his teshmak, the Empire’s version of Starfleet’s tricorder. “Give me your name, Vulcan,” he demanded, “We will deal with you once the mighty Klingon Empire conquers your puny Federation. Already our fleet of warbirds are converging on Earth. Now, give me your name.”

The Captain held up a hand in warning, his face hardened with anger. “Don’t tell him, Spock!” Captain Mainwaring screeched.

I hit Pause. Something was wrong, very wrong. I’d copied all the video tapes to DVD so carefully, but somehow my Best of 60s TV had screwed up.