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Writers' Showcase

A Toast To Horseshit
by Tricia Sutton

… the smell of pure love
of a mystical place
home, to Ojai, where I was born to live
To the enchanting mountain views
to the intoxicating scent of orange blossoms
shady bike trails
and Celtic folk concerts in the park
To never a cold day
to stables
to friends with money
Oh, what I had and what I lost
Those were the best of my days
in spite of a few
No shadows preside o'er the magical place in a magical time
before the progressively merciless world had yet to proclaim me
Like an old song
like a photograph of your dog, Sue
nothing says "ahh memories" more than that familiar smell of horsey doo.
The odor of pure bliss, that's what Horseshit does to me.


Tricia Sutton has many talents, none of which is writing poetry. She has actually led herself to believe that a character from her newly completed novel wrote this piece. She blames many things on her fictional characters. For a complete list of the brave magazines that published her stories, please visit her blog at