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A Maiden's Last Lament
by Abigail Wyatt

They said my prince would come one day
but I’m convinced he’s lost his way.
What else might force such sad delay?
They said my prince would come.

Perhaps his horse has thrown a shoe,
or he has found a Grail or two.
I’m not sure what to think or do. –
He’s very overdue.

He’ll turn up soon; of that I’m sure. –
I’ve prayed so hard my knees are sore. –
With every breath my lips implore
that he’ll beat down my door.

I’m sure he’s not forgotten me.
Be patient; you are bound to see
a life lit by the ecstasy
my prince will bring to me.

One day, he’ll sweep me off my feet.
This girlish heart will skip a beat,
and I will know my life’s complete
and happy as can be!

Until that day, I must believe
that there’s one man who won’t deceive
or take and break my heart, then leave
me flat for all to see

but rather love and cherish me,
a man of some integrity –
who’s learned to spell ‘fidelity’ –
O, he’s the one for me.

And yet perhaps it’s much too late
to seek and find that noble mate.
A honey-trap requires fresh bait
and now, at last, I see –

my prince won’t come for me.