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Why Old People Started Killing Young People
by Michael C. Keith

“They treat us like we’re invisible at our age,” said Greg.

“Or like we’ve got some awful contagious disease,” added Randall.

“The other day some kids laughed and made faces at me as I passed.”

“If this were a better world, elders would be revered.”

“Absolutely, and there are some countries that really value their seniors.”

“Well, not this country. They treat us like we’re a burden.

“That’s true . . . as if we have nothing left to offer.”

“It’s a damn shame, Greg. We have wisdom that young people lack.”

“You’d think they’d want to benefit from our experience.”

“Yeah, and treat us with respect for all we’ve seen and been through.”

“We still have plenty to contribute, my friend . . . not that they care.”

“A wealth of insight into the world’s problems.”

“Not to mention human relationships, Randall.”

“But the young just don’t appreciate that, Greg.”

“I get so tired of feeling worthless because I’m on in years.”

"Irrelevant and not worth the bother to them.”

“We’re cast aside like the old newspapers they haven’t read.”

“Well, there’s only one thing left to do . . .”